Sunday, 5 March 2017

5.3.17 New Uses for Old Bodegas

During decades of decline in the Sherry trade a great number of bodegas have fallen into disuse and in many cases have been demolished. Some have been converted into parking, restaurants or supermarkets for example, but the inexorable disappearance of this historical patrimony - and to an extent identity - has been worrying many. The problem is finding a use for these industrial buildings which would be compatible with urban conservation. The Campo de Guía área in El Puerto de Santa María presents a particular problem as it is a whole urban district of bodegas, unique in Europe.

To this end the Osborne Foundation and the University of Sevilla have come up with an innovative proposal for Osborne’s XIX century Bodegas de Exportación in the Campo de Guía and have mounted an exhibition, “New Uses for 100 Year Old Bodegas” in Osborne’s Bodega de Mora. Eight models with explanatory panels show the conversion of the bodega complex into a school of horeca, school of oenology, study area and student accommodation. The Bodega de Mora itself has already been converted into a restaurant, gallery and shop.

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  1. There is no other reason for preserving these wonderful old bodega buildings than pure sentiment. To those of us who have had the wonderful experience of wandering from bodega to bodega, trying to keep in the shade and tasting sherries direct from the solera, these building are irreplaceable. Here's hoping they can be preserved.