Monday, 27 March 2017

Bodegas: Juan P Marks

John Pickett Marks was born in England in 1834 and worked as a wine merchant in London. He was the son in law of Alexander Webber, also a London wine merchant, who had established Alexander Webber & Co, an almacenista and exporting business in Jerez in 1830. Webber had constructed the bodegas at Calle Pizarro, 10 and 12. John went to work with Webber and took over the business in 1888 on Webber’s death, renaming it Juan P Marks. He then dedicated himself to exporting on a large scale, not only in Sherry, but also in Port, having a network of agents in numerous countries.

(foto:la imagen del vino de jerez)

Juan formed a trading partnership with neighbouring Sherry and Port shippers Robertson Brothers who had bodegas at Calle Pizarro, 13, and who no doubt supplied his Port requirements. Robertsons pulled out of the partnership in 1893, and Juan carried on trading successfully. He acted as honorary American Vice-Consul in Jerez between 1909 and 1911, the year in which he died. The business ceased trading at about the same time and was possibly taken over by Sandeman, who had already bought the bodega we see today in around 1906. Interestingly, Robertsons themselves were eventually owned by Sandeman.

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