Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Palo Cortado Micaela 18.75%, Bodegas Barón

Deep amber with copper and brass highlights, legs.
Forthcoming and fragrant with lots of toasted almond, pronounced salinity and a slightly bitter edge presumably left by flor, though the contact must have been pretty brief, and background notes of cinnamon and oak. There is a lovely tension between the roundness of a fairly young but mature wine and the maritime notes of Sanlúcar. Good start.
Forthright crisp and saline start with gently bitter nutty oxidative flavours and a decent acidity. There are autumnal and slightly savoury notes of fallen leaves and tobacco and a sweeter hint of turrón huevo tostado giving it real character, and a very long finish.
This attractive wine, which could only come from Sanlúcar, is a special limited edition. It is perhaps around 12 years old and quite a serious wine. I feel that many Palos Cortados either lean towards Amontillado or towards Oloroso, and this one leans towards Amontillado. You can still clearly see the Manzanilla origins which give it that lovely maritime style.
19.90 euros from La Casa del Jerez

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