Tuesday, 14 February 2017

14.2.17 La Guita Launch 2017 Kit de Picoteo

In 2013 Grupo Estévez introduced the successful La Guita Kit de Picoteo (snacking kit) which consists of a box containing two bottles of Manzanilla La Guita and an assortment of up market tapas. Each year there is a new edition and for 2017 there is ham, cheese, hake roe, olives, piquitos (tiny breadsticks), stuffed chicken, red peppers and pâté, and of course the Manzanilla. According to the firm’s research 93% of La Guita consumers consider picoteo to be  their favourite food moment, ideal if friends come round or for watching a film or a match.

This is the 2016 kit

This clever idea is an exercise in co-branding with other products of excellent quality and over 1,000 kits have been sold each year. Promotion is done through social media and thus attracts the younger consumer. There is a draw to win a kit, and if you win one and send in a photo of it being enjoyed you can win a Super Kit with 12 bottles of la Guita and a load of snacks. To participate go to facebook.com/manzanillalaguita or vivaelpicoteo.com

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