Thursday, 2 February 2017

2.2.17 Consejo to Ask Brussels About Unfortified Sherry; Sherry Week 2017

At a plenary meeting of the Consejo Regulador on Tuesday it was agreed to seek from Brussels an exception to the rules of the Denominación de Origen for the production of unfortified Sherry. Such an exception would cover Fino and Manzanilla but the Consejo is not ruling out an exception for Amontillado as well. The other styles of wine would continue to need to be fortified in order to remove the flor and thus propitiate oxidative ageing.

Luis perez with his son Guillermo, serious winemakers (foto:cosasdecome)

EU regulations have it that in order to be considered “vino generoso” Finos and Manzanillas need to be fortified (or contain a certain level of sugar, which is obviously undesirable). However experiments carried out at Bodegas Luís Pérez have demonstrated that it is quite possible to reach the required 15% alcohol naturally, without fortification, and so they suggested a change to the rules which was supported by Fedejerez.

To reach 15% naturally the producer runs certain risks as it would require over-ripening of the grapes by delaying the harvest and /or some sun drying, both of which expose the grapes to greater risk of adverse weather conditions and, of course, reduce the yield.

The dates for the 2017 edition of International Sherry Week have been announced, so it’s time to put them in your diary: 6th – 12th November. That gives you nine months to organise some spectacular events. Sherry Week is now a truly global event and a wonderful way to get together with friends, family and food, all with the fabulous link: Sherry.

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