Thursday, 9 February 2017

9.2.17 Consejo Seeks to Enhance Communication

The Consejo plenary has decided to boost its education and promotion strategy to try and squeeze more out of its budget, which is much smaller than that of many other DOs. Sherry is in good health with considerable growth in its global prestige and sales of higher value, a sign that they are doing things well. Unfortunately, roughly half the Consejo’s income, that which does not come from public funds, comes from a quota on the liquid volume of sales which is still in decline, and promotional funds have therefore declined in line with them.

This year’s budget is 1.372.000 euros, a 3% drop on that of last year, simply because of falling volumes. (Rioja’s total 2017 budget is 16.48 million) The bodegas pay a quota of 2.5 céntimos per litre sold while the growers pay 0.5 céntimos per qualified kilo, but the plenary has decided that the growers should have say in how the budget is spent. A committee consisting of representatives of bodegas and growers will be set up to examine existing strategy and study other possibilities. The committee will not devise strategic plans or campaigns, but will look at how existing ones can be tweaked to improve communication. 

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