Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Manzanilla en Rama Solear 15% Saca Invierno 2012, Barbadillo

Bright, quite yellowy, darker than normal Solear, because it is not filtered, legs.
Intense, aromatic, deep and full of flor bitterness, dry, yet has a certain trace of dampness. Vinous and almondy with a hint of olive brine, and, yes, yeast. A quite lovely nose, exactly as it smells straight from the butt.
Dry, with fairly low acid, but the bitterness from the flor compensates perfectly. There is a little body here and a round softness and (extreme) drinkability which tempts you to drink it too quickly, but what the heck - it's in a half bottle! Really lingers on the palate too.
After a long drought-ridden summer 2012, the autumn saw plentiful - and very welcome - rainfall. Temperatures were pleasant if very slightly lower than average. The flor, having thinned a bit during summer, welcomed the arrival of some humidity, and this is reflected in the wine. Only 1,000 litres were drawn from 10 selected casks, given a gentle clean-up with the traditional egg-white, and then filled into half-bottles.

The company uses this brand to promote and assist the conservation organisation the Donana 21 Foundation. It recognises the effect the Donana marshes have on the production of Manzanilla, and that conservation is therefore vital. Every seasonal release shows on its label one member of the wildlife to be found in the marshes, this one is the Pato Buceador (diving duck)
£ 10-12   (per half bottle) I think UK importers are Ehrmanns, or possibly John Fells.

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