Thursday, 31 October 2013

31.10.13 Sherry Events in Seville, Sanlucar and Jerez

In Seville, 62 bars are participating in a tapas competition, in which they serve their star tapa along with a free glass of the most suitable Sherry. The competition begins tomorrow, and the 20 bars with the most votes will be certified by the Consejo Regulador and be protagonists in a gastronomic guide soon to be published. Votes can be cast at

In Sanlucar, events have been planned to celebrate the V European Wine Tourism Day. There will be the VI Ruta del Mosto, where one can try the fresh new wine, free visits to various bodegas including La Cigarrera, Barbadillo and Argueso, Hidalgo, vineyard visits with tasting, and just tastings. Information can be obtained from the council:

In Jerez, at Gonzalez Byass’ bodega Los Reyes, the official presentation of the Reyes Magos (the Three Kings) took place last night. They will be accompanied by the Grand Vizier when they make their procession through the streets of Jerez on the 6th of January, dishing out sweets to the children who line the streets. Each year, people are chosen to represent the Kings, usually well-known faces, as it is an honour to be chosen.

Jerez’ first “Gymcata”, or Sherry tasting competition has been organised by Cadiz University, the Consejo Regulador, the Jerez Council, Gonzalez Byass, the Andaluz Association of oenologists and the Association of Tabancos. Teams of six people will have to demonstrate their knowledge of Sherry, its history and how it is made in a series of tests in a range of tabancos and bodegas where they can try various wines and dishes to see how they match. The three best teams will win prizes. The competition is aligned to Science Week and coincides with the European Day of Wine Tourism on the 7th, and allows the locals to know more about Sherry and supports the tabancos.

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