Saturday, 21 September 2013

21.9.13 Great Sherry Tasting; National Lottery Draw in Jerez

The Great Sherry Tasting 2013 will take place in London on Monday 21st October at the Westbury Hotel, Bond Street, Mayfair between 10.30 and 17.00. Online registration can be done now at: but it is strictly trade only. Sorry.

The Atalaya palace in Jerez is to be the scene of the National Lottery draw on the 9th November, as this is the 750th anniversary of the incorporation of the city under the Crown of Castille. The draw will be televised live, and tickets are on sale from the 23rd September, and the first prize is one million euros. The Atalaya was built in 1873 and once the family mansion of the Vergara family (Palomino & Vergara) then Rumasa headquarters. It is now the home of Jerez’ famous museum of clocks, as well as the exhibition of Sherry and its Mysteries. 

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