Monday, 16 March 2015

16.3.15 Terry Pratchett & Sherry; Problems for Joaquin Rivero

Another interesting snippet from Jose Luis Jimenez is the news that Terry Pratchett was a bit of a fan of Sherry. The highly successful fantasy and science fiction author of over 70 books, who died last week after a long battle with Alzheimer, mentioned Sherry many times in his books. His humour and fine sense of irony helped to link his characters with Sherry, and hopefully promote it to a wider audience. He sold over 85 million copies, and will probably sell even more now.

(foto: wikipedia)

Joaquín Rivero, billionaire owner of Bodegas Tradición, is facing a possible jail sentence and fine by a Paris court. The worst case scenario is at least 3 years in jail and a €200m fine, however a further appeal hearing is expected to take place in 12 – 18 months, and his lawyer says that various matters were not properly taken into account. The case relates to alleged misappropriation of funds during the take-over of a French property company, Gecina, by his company, Metrovacesa.

Joaquin Rivero (foto: lavozdigital)

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