Thursday, 5 February 2015

Amontillado Monteagudo 18.5%, Delgado Zuleta

Pale amber with a slight orange tinge to yellow at the rim,legs.
Delightful full Amontillado nose, full of toasted hazelnuts and almonds and still retaining a trace of the flor bitterness and a hint of Marmite from autolysis, yet super fresh and aromatic with traces of wood as well.
Crisp and zippy, typical Sanlucar, lots of hazelnut, with traces of biscuit, glycerol and Marmite. This could only have been made from good Manzanilla. Dry, complex, nicely textured, full yet elegant. Excellent wine, a benchmark Sanlucar Amontillado.
Named after the Conde de Monteagudo whose vineyards once formed a part of those of Delgado Zuleta, this wine is aged for about 12 years and forms part of the very good mid-priced range.
Probably about £18-20. You could Try Borough Wines or C&D Wines in London.

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