Tuesday, 27 January 2015

27.1.15 Manzanilla at Enofusion; Consejo Asks for More Money

Manzanilla celebrates 50 years of Denominacion de Origen with a superb tasting at Enofusion a big wine fair which will be held at the Palacio de Congresos Municipal in Madrid on the 2, 3 and 4 February. The tasting will have the hefty title of “Manzanilla or the Elegance of Ageing under Flor and the Atlantic Subtlety”, and will take place at the Centro del Vino at the fair at 12.00 on 2 February.The tasting will be led by Beltrán Domecq and César Saldaña of the Consejo Regulador.
The nine wines for tasting look fantastic, and they are as follows:

Palomino 2014, Barbadillo (winner of the first DO musts competition)
Manzanilla Gabriela, Miguel Sánchez Ayala
Manzanilla La Guita, Grupo Estévez
Manzanilla La Cigarrera, Pilar García de Velasco
Manzanilla San León Res. De Familia, Argüeso
Manzanilla en rama Solear, Barbadillo
Manzanilla en rama La Goya XL, Delgado Zuleta
Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana, Hidalgo La Gitana
Amontillado muy viejo, saca especial, La Guita

At today’s plenary meeting at the Consejo, Fedejerez will ask the bodegas to contribute more than the current 1.25 céntimos per litre sold as their contribution to the Consejo’s budget in order to give more punch to generic promotion of Sherry. While there is a less defeatist air in the trade, it is felt that everyone should contribute a little more – the Consejo president would like to see the quota tripled – to capitalise on the European City of Wine and Vinoble last year.  

The budget has shrunk dramatically since 20010 – to as low as €600,000 – and while it is now around €1 million, there is definitely a lot of scope for improvement. The Consejo in Jerez could teach a master class in how to stretch a budget, but more money is needed, not just from the trade but from the EU and the Government.

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