Monday, 27 April 2015

La Bota de Fino No. 54 15%, Equipo Navazos

Attractive deep gold, quite a lot of colour for its age, legs.
Full with intense flor, dry and bitter with hints of brine, bread dough and lightly toasted bread. Slight traces of oxidation and fruit give an amazing roundness which, along with hints of barrel ferment - ation contrast with the surface bitterness for a racy balance. Extremely attractive Jerez Fino.
Despite slight fruit notes, it is dry both in terms of the lack of sugar and in terms of feel with chalky albariza notes. There is plenty of delicious bitter almost saline flor, and yet there is this bready, slightly fruity roundness too, a very generous style, interesting and beautifully balanced. Fantastic on its own or with a great variety of foods.
This superb Fino was made from grapes grown in Valdespino's Inocente vineyard in the Macharnudo Alto. The must was fermented in butt and the wine eventually joined the Inocente solera. Inocente is normally just over 10 years old, but this bottling is a blend of wine from the solera and the second criadera and is a shade younger with an average of 10 years old. The wine was withdrawn for bottling in June 2014 and underwent a minimal filtration to clear it of flor but without losing any colour or flavour.
Around £29 retail. UK agents are Alliance Wine

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