Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bodegas: Vinicola Soto

In 1771 Don Francisco de Soto came from Santander and set himself up as a winegrower and almacenista in Calle de Calderas in Jerez. At about the same time he bought a vineyard called Santa Isabel (also known as Las Palmas) which is owned by the company to this day. Later, at the beginning of the XIX century, his son Don Jose de Soto bought a new bodega in Calle Benavente. After his death his son Don Francisco took over, and during this period the storage and ageing capacity was enlarged. He was by now doing good business with the most important exporters of the time. Towards 1888 the bodega started exporting in its own right.

After Phylloxera, Santa Isabel was replanted and important rootstocks were introduced. The Ministry of Agriculture awarded it the only Diploma of Honour ever awarded to a vineyard. In 1920 Don Jose de Soto y Abad, a great proponent of planting vineyards in Jerez, expanded the business enormously by moving it out of town to the Finca Cerro Viejo surrounded by vineyard. He was president of the Jerez Chamber of Commerce for over 20 years, an alumnus of the University of Fine Arts in Cadiz and an Honoured Son of Jerez in 1950. In 1945 the firm became a limited company which increased considerably its working capital. In 1989 the firm was bought by Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos and absorbed into his Nueva Rumasa empire which included Garvey, Valdivia and CAYDSA (Teresa Rivero), and the furure at the moment looks a little uncertain.


Fino Soto; Manzanilla La Lidia (which used to be a Gravey brand and now comes in a tall wine bottle)
Amontillado Seco Soto, Oloroso Espuela; PX Soto, Cream Soto and table wine Virgen Blanca

They also produce brandy, vinegar and the famous Ponche Soto.

Not sure but you could try making contact

Vinicola Soto
Finca Cerro Viejo
Canada de la Loba S/N
11404 Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz
Tel: (+34) 956 319 650
Web: www.vinicolasoto.com

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